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 Event Date Golf Course Time / Tee Time
Qualifier May 27, 2017 Fox Glen
Event 1 June 11, 2017 Ridgetown Tee Times
2 June 18, 2017 Willow Ridge Tee Times
3 June 29, 2017 Pointe West
4 July 11, 2017 Seven Lakes
Pickering Cup (events 5 & 6)
5 July 20, 2017 Rochester Place
6 July 24, 2017 Kingsville
Widdifield Cup (events 7 & 8)
7 July 26, 2017 Ambassador
8 July 27, 2017 Sutton Creek
9 July 31, 2017 Essex
10 August 10, 2017 Erie Shores
11 August 14, 2017 Beach Grove
August 24-25, 2017 The Humber Cup: Ontario Junior Tours Team Championships. Oakridge Golf Club, Port Perry (top 4 boys and 2 girls only)
-includes Collegiate Division
Pointe West Information
Pointe West will be a 8:30am shotgun. Players will be sent out to the course at 8:15 am. Range space is limited so arrive early.
Only irons will be permitted on the range. Small bags of balls will be available for $3.00.

Jamieson Absence Notification Policy- Modified to 5 Days notice
It is very important that you notify us by e-mail at least 5 DAYS IN ADVANCE if you can not make it to a tour event. (earlier notification is greatly appreciated)Our sponsoring courses generously donate their tee time to the tour so it is essential we use all the allocated tee times efficiently.
As mentioned, notifications will only be accepted by e-mail.
The penalty for failing to notify is a warning for the first infraction and suspension from one event for your 2nd infraction (barring exceptional circumstances).

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