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  1. All Rules Governed by R.C.G.A. Rule Book and Jamieson Tour Local Rules Of Competition.
  2. All disputes will be decided by the Governing Committee of the Association.
  3. Players late for a Tee time will be assessed a 2 shot penalty if they can be worked into play.
  4. Any serious breach of conduct will result in disqualification from the tour.
  5. Breaches of etiquette will result in disqualification from the event or the tour.
  6. Any player unsure of a ruling shall if an official is not present play a second ball as well as the first, and obtain a ruling later (as stipulated in Rule 3-3).
If a player feels another player is about to break a rule, please advise him of your feelings immediately and request he/she play a second ball (under rule 3-3) until a ruling can be obtained. It is the responsibility of all players to ensure the Rules of Golf are followed by themselves and others in their group.

Handing in an incorrect scorecard will result in disqualification of the player AND the scorer, adding mistakes do NOT count for this rule.

Rules of Etiquette
  • No throwing of clubs or other acts of temper.
  • No loud or vulgar language.
  • Replace all divots and ball marks, failure to do so will result in being disqualified from event, a second violation will result in being barred from the tour permanently!
  • No conduct that damages, demeans or embarrasses the host golf club, it's employees or The Junior Tour or it's volunteers.
  • No caddies allowed (disqualification will result immediately).   
  • No parental advice or counsel on the course. (parents should stay at least 30 yards away from all players). Please review Jamieson Tour Spectator Policy below.
  • Dress code in effect at all tournaments. No jeans, jogging or sweat pants: no cut off shorts or shirts; shorts must be no shorter than 4 inches above the knees; No patch pocket shorts or pants. Shirts must be worn at all times and must have sleeves and collars. Mock T necks are acceptable.: Hats if worn must be worn properly (i.e. baseball caps must be worn with the peak to the front: Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • Final banquet requires proper dress jacket and tie for men and appropriate dress for ladies if you do not dress properly you will NOT be allowed to take part in the Banquet
Reporting Rules

Any player who is unable to make a tournament MUST advise the Tour Director by e-mail ( at least 5 days in advance of said tournament. Under exceptional circumstances within 24 hrs of the event please notify the Tour Director by text at 519-995-8147 identifying yourself and the reason for your absence. Failure to do so will result in a TWO (2) Stroke penalty at the next event. If you miss two events without advising you will be disqualified from further play for the remainder of the season.



The Junior Tour is open to any boy/girl minimum 13 years by Aug 1 and maximum 18 years of age as of Aug 1. The Collegiate Tour is open to men/ladies between 19 years and 22 years of age by Aug 1. Proof of age required.

Tie Breaking Procedure

For the Qualifying event- Ties for the low qualifier in each division will not be broken. All competitors in a division tied with the lowest score shall be deemed co low qualifiers.

For single day and two-day events- Ties for low scores within a division will be broken through a sudden death playoff.

For the Overall Tour Championship- Ties for the most points in a division will be broken through a three hole total stroke playoff. In the event a tie remains after three holes the playoff will continue in sudden death format until the tie is broken

Jamieson Tour Spectator Policy
  • Parents and spectators are welcome at all Jamieson Junior Tour Events
  • As a spectator you may:
    • Provide encouragement and compliments on shots for all players.
    • Assist in looking for balls (see conditions below)
    • Ask players if they need food or drink
    • Use a Cellular phone in “silent” mode
  • As a spectator you may not:
    • Provide any type of advice
    • Position yourself behind a golfer when taking a shot or stand on or near a players line of play
    • Distract any player by inappropriate movement, conversation, positioning or use of a cellular phone
    • Spectators and contestants are reminded of Rule 8 concerning advice that carries with it a 2 stroke penalty.
  • All spectators are required to stay at least 30 yards from the contestants at all times. We ask that you please follow in front of the players so that you are not in range of the group behind you and can help spot balls for the group you are following. Please do not look for balls until the group of players has arrived in the proximity of the lost ball and you have received consent from the affected player to search for his/her ball.
  • First offense is a two stroke penalty; second offense is disqualification. There is no warning.
  • Please ensure cellular phones and beepers are in silent mode while on the golf course.
Pace of Play Policy

Please see "Local Rules", "Conditions of the Competition", Section 3.

Beach Grove and final banquet
Beach Grove will be an 11:00am shotgun start. The event will be followed by our final awards banquet at approximately 5:45pm (subject to weather and playoff possibilities). Reservations for the banquet are required. Please respond to the invite if you plan to attend. Players with reservations are free. Friends and family with reservations are $25 payable in cash at the banquet.

Tee Times for Erie Shores
Erie Shores will be tee times beginning at 10:30am. Collegiate men will tee off first followed by junior boys, junior girls and collegiate women

Jamieson Absence Notification Policy- Modified to 5 Days notice
It is very important that you notify us by e-mail at least 5 DAYS IN ADVANCE if you can not make it to a tour event. (earlier notification is greatly appreciated)Our sponsoring courses generously donate their tee time to the tour so it is essential we use all the allocated tee times efficiently.
As mentioned, notifications will only be accepted by e-mail.
The penalty for failing to notify is a warning for the first infraction and suspension from one event for your 2nd infraction (barring exceptional circumstances).

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