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The Jamieson Vitamins Junior Golf Tour is a tour for junior golfers of Essex and Kent Counties (Ontario, Canada)

The tour’s mission is to promote competitive junior golf in Essex and Kent counties.

The tour accomplishes this through providing young boys and girls professionally run tournaments at fine courses throughout the area.
Our goal is to provide a low cost tournament series that is equally accessible by all junior golfers in our region. We also seek to promote
strong values and ethics among our young competitors to help prepare them for their scholastic and career pursuits ahead.

The Tour is a non-profit organization run by volunteers and supported by sponsors and hosting golf courses who generously donate the
use of their facilities.

The tour is played at courses throughout the region. The tour schedule will consist of 7 to 9 events.

Collegiate 6500-7200 yds. Junior Boys will play approximately 6300-6500 yds. Junior Girls will play approximately 5400-5600 yds. This will vary by course and playing conditions.

Tour format
Players will be awarded points based on their finish position in each event. Tour standings will be based on the cumulative points earned
in each event. Points will be cumulatively earned on “best finishes” basis as follows:

Best 1 finish of 1 event
Best 2 finishes of 2 events
Best 2 finishes of 3 events
Best 3 finishes of 4 events
Best 4 finishes of 5 events
Best 4 finishes of 6 events
Best 5 finishes of 7 events
Best 6 finishes of 8 events
Best 6 finishes of 9 events
Best 6 finishes of 10 events
Best 7 finishes of 11 events

Eligibility and Qualifying
The Junior Division of the Tour is open to any boy/girl minimum 13 years as of Aug 1st and maximum 18 years of age as of August 11. The Collegiate Division is open to any boy/girl between 19 and 22 years of age as of August 1. Proof of age required.

Junior and Collegiate Golfers must qualify to play on the tour through either a one day qualifier or through performance the previous year.
The top 6 girls and the top 40 boys are “exempt” and automatically qualify (provided they continue to be age eligible). Exempt Junior Golfers
graduating to the Collegiate Division will be exempt for the Collegiate Division. Additionally the top 3 women and top 6 men in the Collegiate
division will be exempt.Additionally there is 1 “sponsor’s exemption” granted and 1 exemption granted to the boy champion of the Southland Junior
Tour. All others must qualify through the qualifier. Approximately 40 boys and 10 girls will qualify through the qualifier. The exact number of
qualifiers will be determined by the Tour Committee based on the number of golfers attending the qualifier and qualifying scores.

Competitors must live in Essex/Kent counties or be a member of a golf course in either of those regions.
Qualifying day is limited to the first 112 boys and the first 20 girls applying.
Beach Grove and final banquet
Beach Grove will be an 11:00am shotgun start. The event will be followed by our final awards banquet at approximately 5:45pm (subject to weather and playoff possibilities). Reservations for the banquet are required. Please respond to the invite if you plan to attend. Players with reservations are free. Friends and family with reservations are $25 payable in cash at the banquet.

Tee Times for Erie Shores
Erie Shores will be tee times beginning at 10:30am. Collegiate men will tee off first followed by junior boys, junior girls and collegiate women

Jamieson Absence Notification Policy- Modified to 5 Days notice
It is very important that you notify us by e-mail at least 5 DAYS IN ADVANCE if you can not make it to a tour event. (earlier notification is greatly appreciated)Our sponsoring courses generously donate their tee time to the tour so it is essential we use all the allocated tee times efficiently.
As mentioned, notifications will only be accepted by e-mail.
The penalty for failing to notify is a warning for the first infraction and suspension from one event for your 2nd infraction (barring exceptional circumstances).

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